Hi Chole,

Thank you for sharing the ideas of direct instruction. The points that you listed are very clear and easy to understand, especially with the examples and explanations. It is really impressive when you mentioned schools are using ‘direct instruction as their only delivery method’ in education to fasten the overall learning process. Perhaps, the video materials we could found on the internet are defective. Nevertheless, I do have personal experiences that schools are not only using direct instruction. For my learning design post, my topic is Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) which your video perfectly discussed the difference between IBL and direct instruction. The main difference is that IBL learners actively ask a question and investigate solutions, discover new knowledge when gathering information, discuss discoveries and experiences, while direct instruction is more “old school” and the listen and follow type of learning.

Hi Molly,

Thank you for sharing the video from Jeff Hopkins. This video provides more substantial examples from real life than the video I used in my topic. This video perfectly explains the important of the theory on how higher-order level of thinking and curiosity interact and reorganize our knowledge of what we knew. I did the same topic and here is my understanding of how inquiry-based learning works:

Learners improve their understanding and attitude when knowledge is related to their living. Questioning, formulating, and investigating by themselves and cooperative learning can develop learners a deeper understanding of the content due to higher-order thinking.

Therefore, I agree that IBL is suitable for higher educational learners.