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Community contributions- Week 4

Hi Breanne, thank you for sharing the video. This video provides a clear definition of what is descriptive writing. The video has already set up a mini-game when learning. While I was watching this video, I actually closed my eyes… Continue Reading →

Peer Review

Overview of the Resource: -Very clear descriptions and steps -Colour-blind friendly -Easy language for correct learning group -Variety interaction designs -Interesting learning materials Learning Theory and Design: -Behaviorism, cognitivism and constructivism on different stages of lesson. -Direct and cooperative learning… Continue Reading →

Designing for Interaction

What kind of interaction would the video require from your students? Does it force them to respond in some way (inherent)? This video provides 15 easy and fun questions and represents the classic learner-content interaction from Anderson’s (2003) Modes of Interaction in… Continue Reading →

Community contributions- Week 3

Hi Cynthia, thank you for sharing your ideas on what adjustments we can do to the pandemic.  I agree that setting a deadline for work timeline and using telephone and video for reports are effective ways to maintain and control… Continue Reading →

Designing for Inclusion

Besides curb cuts, the automatic door is one example of universal design in engineering. There are lots of facilities are using automatic doors nowadays such as London drugs, Walmarts, and Downtown library. The automatic door is beneficial, especially during the pandemic contactless becoming… Continue Reading →

Community contributions- Week 2

Hi Chole, Thank you for sharing the ideas of direct instruction. The points that you listed are very clear and easy to understand, especially with the examples and explanations. It is really impressive when you mentioned schools are using ‘direct… Continue Reading →

Learning Design: Inquiry-Based Learning

This week in EDCI 335, I’m going to discuss the characteristics of Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL).  There are various instructional approaches such as direct instruction, open pedagogies, and inquiry-based learning. The diversity of instruction approaches allows learners to justify their learning… Continue Reading →

Community contributions- Week 1

Hello Molly, thank you for getting the main points of what we’re reading this week and thank you for providing good examples of those learning strategies.I agree that behaviorism turns down one’s motivation compare to constructivism and cognitivism. For example,… Continue Reading →

Motivation, Learning & Theory

I think most of the idea either form both readings and videos are right: the psycho mind site and the first conception; knowledge is not understanding and age connection on learning; and learning theories to deferent learners. However, the video… Continue Reading →

About Me

Hello everyone, welcome to Wen Yi’s blog. From now on, this page will be used for my EDCI 335 class. Here is a little bit about myself: I’m a year 4 student at UVic and my major is health information… Continue Reading →

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